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Rustic Style Thanksgiving Dining Table Design Ideas

Are you excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving Day? Have you already decided on how to deck up your Thanksgiving table? If not yet, then you might want to consider these rustic Thanksgiving dining table design ideas listed below.
Bring outdoor elements in.
You can bring natural outdoor elements into your Thanksgiving dining tables, such as dried fall leaves, pinecones, and acorns.
Shop from your local fruits and veggies market.
Squash and pumpkins are perfect to put on your Thanksgiving table. You can get these along with cabbage, pears, artichokes, pomegranates, and persimmons in your local market.

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Rustic-Style Christmas Ideas

The holiday season is the most beautiful time of the year. Why not do something creative and decorate your home with a rustic Christmas style as a theme? Here are a few ideas on how you can make that happen.
Rustic Lodge
For Christmas, rustic lodge style features a living room decked with plush throws, twinkling Christmas lights, and a crackling fire. This design also features indulgent textures, elegant holiday touches, and pops of greenery. The rustic lodge also includes rustic-style forest gnomes and felt ornaments.
Alpine Luxe
Alpine luxe design involves a winter-like blend of soft textures, shimmer and …

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Rustic Design Tips for The Fall

To make the most of the fall season, you can spruce up and decorate your home according to the season. Here are several ways to decorate your home this fall season with a rustic theme in mind.
Warm Earthy Tones
The fall is the perfect season to showcase the earthy toned colors into your living space. These colors include brown, orange, red, yellow, and dark green.
Rustic Materials
Rustic materials suit the fall season very well as they can instantly warm up a home. Logs, natural wood, dried botanical, tree branches, stems, and natural stone are some of the ideal rustic materials for the fall.
Fall …